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gold trading – H&M Power For Engineering Construction & Trading Co.Ltd
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our offices

SUDAN and UNITED ARAB EMIRATES are being largest markets in the world for trading and manufacturing gold.
Our office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was taken as head office for managing the group and being the link between our other branches.

about field

We are a licensed company of gold trading with different purity levels and manufacturing diversity with the latest techniques used on a top-level scale.
Our group has healthy records, high liquidity and constantly increasing profits. The equity ratio is much higher than the industry average and is a clear sign of financial stability
Regardless the tax that has been added to the price of gold in 2018 at any kind of selling or purchasing of gold trading, we still see that the market of gold trading in Dubai is wide and flourishing

Our target

Our target as a company in the next 10 years is to reserve our place among the biggest gold trading corporations in the Middle East and especially Dubai keeping our principles in front of our eyes

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