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Stemming from our strong desire to remain and continue our development in accordance to a true scientific approach consistent with our vision of the present and future. We renew a promise to ourselves based on commitment, respect, innovation and development of a better tomorrow.

vision & Mission

Our vision
is to be the first choice to our valued clients and to offer valuable business and innovative solutions in the construction sector at a cost-effective level.
Our Mission
oprovide world-class quality offers and unparalleled value-for-money investments.
oprovide a vibrant atmosphere for various communities.
ogenerate new ideas that respect different opinions and are compatible with the ecosystem.
opromote free and open communication that encourages cooperation and success.

Our Values

– Completing all business deals and projects in an open, transparent and fair manner.
– Considering quality and reliability as our foundation for each project.
– Using available and appropriate resources to quickly achieve the objectives of the project
– Adopting the principle of development by applying advanced technologies and resources in construction, in order to achieve the best results.
– Providing reliable solutions by implementing our recognized strategic process.
– Applying safety regulations first in all policies and procedures.
– Preserving and strengthening the environment.
– Protecting our clients’ investments through volatility market tracking.

Parts of our projects

our Approach

H & M has adopted the principle of excellence and high quality in its transactions, transparency and innovation in its projects, and adopting appropriate solutions which will have positive impacts on our clients.
In addition to providing a wide range of services to meet the needs of the market and the latest technologies, H & M engineering remained in the field of construction work to be a brand of excellence and quality.

Our vision

Our vision is to implement our projects with respect to the latest construction and design technologies by the hands of qualified and creative employee.
We seek to achieve a top level ranking among the competitive corporations in the same field  within the next ten years and we trust in ourselves as our development chart is increasing through the previous years.

our employees role

Our employees are the main and most important resource that we have, so we try to choose them as qualified as we can and give them the suitable training.
We seek to provide them with all the technologies and plans to achieve our targets and implement our projects with the highest proficiency and efficiency.

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